lunes, marzo 31, 2008

Thanks for the comments

Just to say thank you for the comments and continue posting, I promise gifts to everyone that post something or that makes a question!!!



Hello again!!

I am in El Calafate the getaway town to El Perito Moreno Glacier, we arrived yesterday after a 2 days trip to El Chalten, a very small village were we were doing some amazing trekking that I will try to tell you in further posts.
Today we have done the Glacier tour and all I can say is that it is asthonishing, incredible, no words to describe it... but it will be part of another post, hopefully with videos!

Well the title today is Iguazu, and I will try to tell you what we lived there and to describe the waterfalls.

Francois, me and our travel mate for this adventure (Jas) arrived at Iguazu last wednesday, the first image we got from the waterfalls were from the plane, it is so beautiful to see the falls from the air, the day was clear and you would never imagine that the falls are so big and that they cover so many land.

I have to say that we were very lucky as in the airport we met "the man". Gustavo was the guy who took us to the hotel on his car but also offer himself to be our private advisor all over the trip, so with him Francois and me went to the Brasilian side of the falls in the evening (Jas didn´t have the visa, so we sent her to do some sport activities on the river).

The Brasilian side is more about the panoramic view, the big waterfalls are on the Argentinian side but from the brasilian you have more distance and you are able to see how big they are. The tour took us around 4 hours and Gustavo was sharply waiting for us at the exit.

The rest of the night we didn´t do much, eat at the hotel and have some beers and wine, there is a story about a PJ fight that I will deny at every level....

On thursday was the big day, Gustavo took us to the Argentinian side, he recommended us an excursion where we were on a 4x4 truck in the forest, then we took a fastboat on the river over the rapids and with the boat we went literally down 2 of the waterfalls.
It is amazing how fast the water falls and how cold it is, we were totally wet but as the day was amazing it was a pleasure and a lot of fun, you will see the pics.

After the shower, we did some trekking over the national park, following the different falls and having some increible views that will take out your breath. It is like you never get bored of seeing the water falling!!

The end of the tour was the best part, we went to La Garganta del Diablo, that is the upper part of the falls and were you see several streams collapsing into the river Iguazu, the steams that the falls create when hitting the river doesnt let you see the end of the cliff and the rainbows it makes is amazing, I really recommend everyone to come here and see it. I have some videos and I will edit this post so you can judge by yourselves!!

Then we were out dinning to a really nice restaurant and to rest as the next day Francois and me were leaving to Patagonia and we wanted to advance our flight as were were afraid of missing the connection, here is where "the man" continues acting...

Gustavo manages to get the manager of the flight company and without doing the 1hour waiting line we got our flight changed (Jas had to stay there as she didnt get a connection). He saved our live as our original flight was delayed, so we had to stay in B.Aires and all the plans we made in Patagonia would have been almost cancelled!!!
There I realized who important is to have connections everywhere.

I hope I didn´t bother you too much but I promise some pics, soon.

I am leaving to B.Aires in a couple of hours, in the agenda, we will go to the countryside to do some horseriding and some fiesta at night!!!

besos a todos

sábado, marzo 29, 2008

From Argentina (Buenos Aires II and Iguazu)

Hello again,

Well I am back, I have only 5 minutes before the Internet Cafe closes so I will try to tell you my story about what we suffer on monday night at Buenos Aires....

We were with Marcos father at his place and then we decide to go out for lunch with some friends, when we were on the street, suddenly we notice a big big noise, we were in the richest neigbourhood of B.Aires but there it was, we were in the middle of a cacerolazo, everywhere you looked at you could find people with their saucepans, spoons making noise, the pedestrians were clapping their hands and the cars horning, it is amazing as it was very spontaneus (apparently). Then we realized that people were protesting againts the rise of the taxes on the soy (soja) for the countryside people.

I had a nice video I will upload maybe on monday!! As tomorrow I will take a bus at 7 am to go to El Chalten.
Today I arrived from the subtropical climate of the Iguazu Waterfalls to the cold cold place of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
I will try to tell you about the waterfalls tomorrow


viernes, marzo 28, 2008

From Argentina (buenos aires)

Hello my friends!

Yes I am back, long time no see you and long time away from this blog. But I am back, and ready to tell you some amazing news about what is going on at "el mundo de Pablo" or at Pablo y el mundo.

First of all you might notice that the language has changed, right now as the audience is more and more international I will write in english, comments are always welcomed in any language so feel free to write something....

Secondly, I would like to confess that the main reason I am back is because I am not in Paris, I am in Argentina, and since I took my flight I was thinking in posting something in here and in trying to renew the blog... I will do the first thing now and next steps steps will come shortly.

About Argentina:
I arrived last monday after a horrible flight from Madrid, horrible in the sense that I wanted to stay a bit more in Madrid with Maria and my friends and horrible as the bad luck is always with me in the sense of craying babies sitting close to me in planes and this 12h flight was not different from the others.... but I managed to arrive to Buenos aires.

The first hours I spent in B aires I did it by my own, I managed to leave the luggage at a transport company as some locals told me the train stations and the bus stations were not safe at all, and after watching 9 Reinas during the weekend I didn´t want my stuff to be robbed.

After this, I went out walking around and I realized B.Aires is very like Madrid, in the people, in the streets and in the way people behave, I met my friends in the evening and we went out for a percussion concert (timbales y demas) really nice and for dinner,.
The bad thing is when we realized that after the concert my friend got robbed into her car so the ambiance of the night was a bit down.

Tuesday was really calm, I go my first asado (argentinian beff) and I went to el Barrio de la Boca, where Boca Juniors comes from, amazing place I will show you some pics....

In the end I met some other friends and I got to look for François, that arrived that day.

On Wednesday we came to Iguazu, I have to tell you that is amazing but I will leave the story here to see if I can upload some pics or tell you something about the way I see this country.

Besos para todos