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The Glacier must wait.... Buenos Aires Party is not that bad!!

I am in the internet place close to my appartment. For those that didn´t know we decided to rent an appartment in center B.Aires, The appartment is amazing but the area is not that good, As many american cities downtown is only for working hours and at night a lot of homeless people try to get themselves a life by searching food on the trash containters and street bins, it is quite disgusting but you realize how different some neighbourhood are in here.Rich people lives some blocks away but there streets are clean and maintained whereas in the microcenter is quite sad to see the every night show. At least is not dangerous at all and as taxis are very cheap we go from door to door without stepping on the street.

I am telling you this because yesterday we (Marcos indeed) decided to throw a party in our appartment, we had brought some french cheeses and all his friends came over, obviously it was a excuse to drink some beers and wine, and the horrible national drink (the Whisky-cola Spanish) what is called Fernet with Cola. Fernet is an italian spirit that reminds me to a mix of differents medicines I had when I was kid, and the taste is really disgusting....

Well, the party went Ok, I left them a bit early as I had another Bday party from a friend that was in Paris with us but we managed to join both groups in a discotheque were we danced till 6am with several drinks above the limit... Today as you could imagine we rested and we did some shopping for those that make comments....

Plan for tonite: Party again and tomorrow we are going to a Boca Juniors match.
I will tell you everything if I survive and I will post some pics from the Glacier (i leave this to the end in order to keep the emotion...)

Who is in Paris now? How is it? Rainning?
I will be in Madrid on the 18th of april... any plans?
Does somebody wants any special thing from here? Alfajores havana maybe??
Enjoy the Feria de Abril.

Tango is a very sexy dance, specially if you dance with a sexy girl, and if you know how to dance.
This country loves being in the international news.After the countryside crisis, is the Malvinas request back, and the fact that adoptive parents of a "stolen" girl during the dictatorship has been sent to prision by their daughter....

Anyway: Besos a todos y Vamos Boca!!!!


Blogger Laura said...

Fernet con coca. Wakala. Marcos es una mala influencia. No recalls. Planes de juntarse el martes con the parisian crew ya que estaras de regreso. En paris hace un frio definitivamente no-primaveral. Cuando vuelvas hablamos de las noticias de Argentina y el mundo. Por ahora, insisto y persisto, te quedan 24 horas para poder emplear correctamente la palabra 'canchero'. El desafio de hablar bien castellano caduco - tu acento es definitivamente un caso perdido. Estamos pensando en un nuevo week-end extravagante en las afueras de paris. Donde? no seeee no seeeee. Pero nada de 'bbq' ahora que conoces el autentico asado, llamar bbq a lo que se hace de este lado del mundo es un chiste.
A domani. Estas en casa. Disfruta.

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