martes, abril 08, 2008

The Perito Moreno Glacier. with photos



Sorry for this radio silence for some days but they were my last days in Argentina and then I took the plane to come back to Paris.

Finally I am home, without my suitcase , quite tired but full of energy to finally upload a post about the glacier with some pics and videos.

The Glacier Perito Moreno. Monday March 31st

We had arrived the previous night from a 2 days trekking trip on El Chalten so for monday we decided to do the soft ice trekking on the glacier, just a 1h30 with the crampons walking on the ice.

We woked up at 6h and after a 80 km trip we arrived to the Parque Natural de los Glaciares with the first panoramic view of the glacier.

It is really amazing to one of the 2 glaciers of the world that is still growing. The effect of growing sometimes makes also that huge blocks of ice fall into the lake.

Here you can see some pics from the Glacier taken from the boat that took us to the shelter.

The arm of the glacier seen from the boat

Me at the view point before starting the ice trekking.

This is the ice sea that you see when walking on the glacier

We were really lucky with the weather... It is quite funny to walk on the ice with the crampons.

Here having a whisky at the Glacier... with Francois

A nice video of the lunch we had at the Glacier


Anonymous Polo said...

Enorme vídeo!

Inundar el planeta tierra con la cultura española no tiene precio.

Un abrazo

11:15 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Muchas gracias por la postal!!!


3:27 p. m.  
Blogger Pablo Celada said...

De nada, un placer!!

10:51 p. m.  
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Just found out about your blog, you never told me :-)

7:03 p. m.  
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